The Phone Skills Trainer® is a suite of telephone skills training resources designed to create the best possible customer experience over the telephone.

We know it is critical that any training initiative is minimally disruptive, and designed to produce practical, measurable results.

Our certified Master Facilitators can deliver high-impact training onsite for your organization, focused on experiential exercises and new skill development. But for many organizations, setting aside the time (from a half day to 2 full days) can create scheduling challenges and can also be cost prohibitive.

Our e-learning and DvD video training solutions were designed specifically to deliver high-impact training in a flexible and affordable manner.

Whatever training delivery options you select, you can be assured that the time, money and resources you invest with the Phone Skills Trainer will produce a solid return.

Onsite Training

Our unique onsite training approach can take two forms. If you have internal employees who can effectively deliver interactive training, we can provide a Facilitation and Coaching Guide, Participant Workbooks and other reinforcement tools to help your staff deliver a first rate, effective Phone Skills Trainer workshop. Typically this workshop is presented in a series of 6 “mini-modules” each lasting less than 40 minutes and delivered over the course of six weeks. This spaced learning has proven to be highly effective when using internal trainers.

When using our own certified Master Facilitators,  spaced learning is typically cost prohibitive – few companies can afford to pay an outside trainer to travel and deliver a 40-minute workshop, once a week for six weeks.

So our internal trainers typically deliver all six modules during a half-day or full-day training session, then provide reinforcement tools to keep the training alive for the long term.

Whether you wish to have the training delivered online or on site, by your training staff or ours, we have a broad range of learning resources to help:

  • Online Skill Assessment
  • E-learning courses
  • CD-ROMs
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Participant Workbook
  • Coaching Tools

Train today – see results tomorrow!

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Note: Additional training tools and resources are available including a facilitator guide with PowerPoint presentations, CD-ROMs and handout masters (if you wish to conduct your own face-to-face training) and participant workbooks that can be used as a companion to live training and e-learning delivery. Contact us for more information on these additional resources.