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Service-Oriented Attitude – Program Details

The Service-Oriented Attitude / Spirit of Service module includes 10 daily lessons that focus on helping service professionals develop true passion and enthusiasm for helping customers. This includes:


  • Knowing what a service-oriented attitude looks like.

  • Understanding the benefits of having a true spirit of service.

  • How a spirit of service will help your career, your health and your job satisfaction.

  • Understanding what triggers a negative attitude for many service professionals.

  • Specific examples of the spirit of service in action.

  • Specific steps to proactively create a positive, customer-friendly attitude.

  • Questions to ask yourself at the end of each day, to reflect t on your service attitude.

  • Effective strategies for handling adversity.

  • How to deal with negative events that are within your control.

  • How to deal with negative events you cannot control.

  • The keys to emotional proactivity.

  • Questions your service team should discuss together to define their spirit of service.

  • How to develop a customer-friendly culture throughout your organization.

  • How to maintain your positive attitude even when the customer is clearly wrong.

  • Specific standards that show your true spirit of service.

The daily lessons also reinforce skills introduced during previous lessons, so by the time an individual has completed the entire course module, he or she has had repeated exposure to the most critical skills, many examples of the skills in action, and many opportunities to apply these skills on the job.

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Note: Additional training tools and resources are available including a facilitator guide with PowerPoint presentations, CD-ROMs and handout masters (if you wish to conduct your own face-to-face training) and participant workbooks that can be used as a companion to live training and e-learning delivery. Contact us for more information on these additional resources.