“Energy and Stamina” Module Details

The Energy and Stamina module focuses on helping CSRs understand how physically and emotionally demanding their jobs can be, and why they need to pay special attention to their health and wellness practices.Often CSRs who appear to have a “bad attitude” or seem to be poorly motivated are in fact simply exhibiting the natural symptoms of low energy and high stress. Trying to manage or “motivate” a low energy customer service representative is a futile effort.

Customer service representatives who complete this module will learn:

  • The most common sources of stress for CSRs, and how to cope with those stressors.
  • The health habits that can make the biggest impact on their energy level throughout the day.
  • How co-workers with difficult personalities can effect the health of those around them – and how to deal productively with those individuals.
  • The importance of healthy eating habits, and why this is such a challenge for many CSRs (Hint – look at what’s available in the break room vending machines.)
  • The importance of getting enough sleep each night, along with specific strategies if they are having issues in this area.

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