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Handling Complaints – Program Details


The Handling Complaints module focuses on helping CSRs deal with complaining customers. The lessons in this module include information regarding how to:

  • Avoid the common CSR responses that often make the customer MORE angry and frustrated.

  • Not be afraid of difficult customer emotions.

  • Express empathy for the customer.

  • Avoid taking the customer’s frustration personally.

  • Use the “reflect and paraphrase” technique  to let the customer know you are REALLY listening and working to help them.

  • Ask better questions to understand what the customer really wants and needs to be fully satisfied.

  • Know when (and how) to apologize.

The daily lessons also reinforce skills introduced during previous lessons, so by the time an individual has completed the entire course module, he or she has had repeated exposure to the most critical skills, many examples of the skills in action, and many opportunities to apply these skills on the job.

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Note: Additional training tools and resources are available including a facilitator guide with PowerPoint presentations, CD-ROMs and handout masters (if you wish to conduct your own face-to-face training) and participant workbooks that can be used as a companion to live training and e-learning delivery. Contact us for more information on these additional resources.