“Solving Problems” Module Details

The Solving Problems module focuses on helping CSRs work with customers to solve problems, from simple to complex. This includes:

  • Solving simple problems quickly.
  • Using a process to solve more complex problems.
  • Clarifying customer expectations for fixing the problem.
  • Developing out-of-the-box creative solutions.
  • The power of customized solutions to help the customer feel they are really being taken care of.
  • Ensuring that solutions work for the customer AND the company.
  • Knowing when a problem cannot be solved – and how to explain this to the customer.

The daily lessons also reinforce skills introduced during previous lessons, so by the time an individual has completed the entire course module, he or she has had repeated exposure to the most critical skills, many examples of the skills in action, and many opportunities to apply these skills on the job.

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