Our program has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals to develop skills and capabilities to create an exceptional telephone service experience.

We have developed flexible implementation and pricing options in order to make our programs affordable and effective for every individual and organization.

Many of our clients have graciously provided referrals and testimonials regarding their experience and the results produced by the Phone Skills Trainer program.

“What I like best about all of the Phone Skills Trainer online learning modules is that they are fast-paced and full of real world examples that help me apply the skills and techniques to my own service calls.”

– Lisa Daniels, Customer service Representative

The Phone Skills Trainer program was designed to be flexible, affordable and uniquely effective. You can select the modules you want to deliver, and the delivery method that best suits your organization’s needs: e-learning, CD-ROM Video, Audio CDs, or onsite workshops (delivered by our certified trainers or your in house staff using our facilitation guide.) If your organization has an online learning management system, you can license the Phone Skills Trainer program for delivery on your own server.

Our program is also uniquely affordable, A single e-learning module starts at $44.50 per participant, with volume discounts available. The CD-ROMs start at $245 and are licensed for use by multiple participants. See the Pricing Summary for more details.

Our program is uniquely designed to be in alignment with adult learning principles. Adults are just-in-time learners, and overwhelming them with hours of training content in a single session is typically not very effective. So we structured our program into distinct course modules, and each course module is divided into daily lessons, each lasting 15-25 minutes. This is logistically more convenient, and from an adult learning perspective it is far more effective that traditional training.

Click on the link above to preview any of our Phone Skills Trainer e-learning courses for 10 days. You will need to provide registration information to access the previews.