This program is simple, practical and produces RESULTS.

A pharmaceutical company with a large telephone customer service department had experienced a higher than usual level of turnover in their customer service staff, and as a result the initial training of many newer CSRs had suffered. This was not recognized until quarterly customer service surveys began to show a marked decrease in customer satisfaction.

The Essential Telephone Etiquette online learning module was delivered to all CSRs (not just new hires) and there was an immediate improvement in customer satisfaction levels. Based on these results, the entire customer service department completed the additional Phone Skills Trainer modules over the next six months. They utilized a self-paced learning approach, allowing each CSR to determine their own learning schedule and process, as long as all modules were completed by a set date.

Throughout the 6-month online training period customer satisfaction rates continued to rise AND employee satisfaction rates also rose. Most CSRs reported that the online learning method provided them with the kind of control they needed, allowing each employee to learn at a time that was most effective for the individual. Some completed the online courses at their workstations. Some completed them at home. And others did both. A few employees with no internet connection at home requested the DvD version and those were provided as requested.

To date this has been viewed as the “most successful training initiative we have ever implemented” by the company’s training department. “The cost was relatively low, and because the impact was so quick and significant, I know we had a great return on this training investment,” reports the Director of Training.

This program makes long-term training reinforcement easy

Jostens, Inc. delivered 4 Phone Skills Trainer® modules to a group of telephone service representatives over the course of 8 weeks. Each participant listened to one audio CD per week, then that topic was discussed at the following week’s regular team meeting. All participants rated the program positively and there was a tangible increase in the ability to handle difficult customer interactions.

But the most significant result of the program was the increase in job satisfaction among the workshop participants. When surveyed 3 months after the initial training workshop, 82% of the program participants noted an increase in job satisfaction. This was compared to another CSR group that had not completed the program, with 63% indicating a decrease in job satisfaction and 24% indicating no change in job satisfaction. Anecdotal evidence acquired after the survey indicated that workshop participants felt they had acquired skills to make themselves more productive, and they were motivated by the employer’s investment in their professional development.

A telesales company delivered the Essential Telephone Etiquette, Handling Complaints, Telephone Prospecting and Effective Telephone Selling modules to both their telesales and customer service employees. This organization had experienced several years of sales declines, driven by a softening economy and a product line that had not been improved in many years.

Even before completion of the full program, the positive results were noticeable. Closing percentages increased by  more than 12%. While the number of complaint calls remained relatively constant, the number of refunds was
reduced by more than 20% which significantly enhanced the customer service department’s contribution to the organization (and avoided a planned round of layoffs).

According to the company’s Director of Telesales, “We were able to see our people learn and apply new skills almost immediately. Within days I could hear them asking better questions, presenting benefits more effectively and closing sales more professionally.” The Director of Customer Service reported that CSRs were more likely to suggest alternative remedies (with a lower cost to the company) to customer complaints, rather than immediately offering refunds.

A hardware manufacturer delivered the Essential Telephone Etiquette, Handling Complaints and Up-Selling modules to their telephone customer service staff,  prompted by over 6 months of increasingly negative customer service survey results.
Within weeks they saw an improvement in customer satisfaction which also generated an improvement in customer referrals.

Current customer referrals accounted for less than 8% of this company’s sales prior to the training. But a year after the complete Phone Skills Trainer program had been completed, sales resulting from current customer referrals accounted for 14% of annual sales.

“What my folks really appreciated about the Phone Skills Trainer was the focus on practical skills that could be put to use right away,” reported the Director of Operations.

The company now requires all new hires to complete the full Phone Skills Trainer online learning program within their first three months of employment. This has resulted in a decrease in new employee turnover and an increase in new employee productivity.

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