“Essential Telephone Etiquette” Module Details

The Essential Telephone Etiquette module focuses on the most important and fundamental telephone skills for every service professional including:

  • Understanding the purpose of etiquette.
  • The most common telephone errors that annoy customers.
  • How to answer the telephone professionally and enthusiastically.
  • The important elements of an initial greeting (with many examples).
  • How NOT to answer the telephone (with specific “don’t” examples).
  • How to transfer calls effectively, without annoying customers.
  • How to appropriately use the customer’s name during the call.
  • How to take messages professionally and accurately.
  • How to make outbound calls in a courteous and professional manner.
  • The best way to place a customer on hold.
  • The best way to transfer the caller to another person.
  • How to deal with multiple callers.
  • How to end the call in a positive manner.

This is a lot of information for anyone to try to absorb (and actually master) in a single training session, so this course module is divided into 5 daily lessons. The structure of this course helps you avoid many of the most common training errors for telephone customer service representatives.

Each lesson is 15-25 minutes in length and presents many “how to” examples of each skill. The pace is fast enough to keep the learner engaged, and the content is practical, so at the end of each daily lesson new practices have been introduced that can be applied on the job immediately.

The daily lessons also reinforce skills introduced during previous lessons, so by the time an individual has completed the entire course module, he or she has had repeated exposure to the most critical skills, many examples of the skills in action, and many opportunities to apply these skills on the job.

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