Telephone Skills Training Programs

The Phone Skills Trainer® is a suite of telephone skills training resources designed to create the best possible customer experience over the telephone.

Our time-tested customer service and telephone skills training resources have proven results. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and we are confident that these training tools can help your organization:

  • Increase revenue.
  • Enhance customer retention.
  • Improve the job satisfaction of your customer service representatives.

Only the Phone Skills Trainer® provides a training structure that minimizes CSR downtime while at the same time improves the retention and mastery of new service skills. Each module delivers 15-20 minutes of training per day, over a period of 5 to 10 days, depending upon the module.

Our flagship offering is the 6-module Complete Training Library, a powerful collection of highly effective online training courseware.

There are several modes of training delivery available:

  • E-learning
  • DvD video
  • Audio CD
  • Live workshops delivered by a certified Phone Skills Trainer® Master Facilitator.

To learn more about our telephone customer service training resources, you can request a free preview or email or call Frontline Learning at (763) 390-2430.At the Phone Skills Trainer, we offer both online and onsite training programs. While onsite hands-on training often produces better results, it also requires a greater investment of time, money and other resources. That’s why we developed our online learning solution to provide the best possible e-learning experience while also making the training extremely affordable and flexible.So the choice is yours, and no matter what training format you choose, you can be assured that every training dollar and hour you spend with us will be a solid investment.

E-learning / Web Seminars

Unlike our customized onsite training courses, our e-learning courses are designed for any company to attend at any time. We’ll cover the solid, professional customer service techniques that are vital for anyone in a phone intensive environment. Just request a free preview to learn more.

Onsite Training Workshop

Our unique onsite training approach can take two forms. If you have internal employees who can effectively deliver interactive training, we can provide a Facilitation and Coaching Guide, Participant Workbooks and other reinforcement tools to help your staff deliver a first rate, effective Phone Skills Trainer workshop. Typically this workshop is presented in a series of 6 “mini-modules” each lasting less than 40 minutes and delivered over the course of six weeks. This spaced learning has proven to be highly effective when using internal trainers.

When using our own professional trainers, spaced learning is typically cost prohibitive – few companies can afford to pay an outside trainer to travel and deliver a 40-minute workshop, once a week for six weeks. So our internal trainers typically deliver all six modules during a half-day of full-day training session, then provide reinforcement tools to keep the training alive for the long term.


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