Telephone Customer Service Training

The Phone Skills Trainer is a suite of customer service training resources designed to create the best possible customer experience over the telephone.

Our time-tested customer service and telephone skills training resources have proven results. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and we are confident that these training tools can help your organization:

  • Increase revenue.

  • Enhance customer retention.

  • Improve the job satisfaction of your customer service representatives.

Only the Phone Skills Trainer provides a training structure that minimizes CSR downtime while at the same time improves the retention and mastery of new service skills. Each module delivers 15-20 minutes of training per day, over a period of 5 to 10 days, depending upon the module.

Our flagship offering is the 6-module Complete Training Library, a powerful collection of highly effective online training courseware.

There are several modes of training delivery available:

  • E-learning

  • CD-ROM

  • Audio CD

  • Live workshops delivered by a certified Phone Skills Trainer® Master Facilitator.

The daily lessons also reinforce skills introduced during previous lessons, so by the time an individual has completed the entire course module, he or she has had repeated exposure to the most critical skills, many examples of the skills in action, and many opportunities to apply these skills on the job.

Train today – see results tomorrow!

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Note: Additional training tools and resources are available including a facilitator guide with PowerPoint presentations, CD-ROMs and handout masters (if you wish to conduct your own face-to-face training) and participant workbooks that can be used as a companion to live training and e-learning delivery. Contact us for more information on these additional resources.