How to Implement the Phone Skills Trainer Program

As you consider implementation of a Phone Skills Trainer program, it is important to keep in mind that this program is NOT designed to be delivered in a single everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink training session.

This program was designed specifically to deliver brief (15 to 20 minute) sessions over the course of several days or weeks. This allows CSRs to integrate new skills and ideas over a period of time while minimizing non-productive down time. Your organization may choose to deliver a single module or selected modules, based upon your unique situation and training needs. Of course you can deliver a number of sessions in sequence, in a single workshop, if you need a half-day of full-day program.

Here are the questions you should ask yourself as you develop an implementation strategy.

What specific problem is this training intended to resolve?

The most successful training initiatives target very specific problems, and are designed to improve tangible metrics. “Improving customer satisfaction” is probably not specific enough. “Reducing customer complaints by 25%” is better, and “increasing up-selling by 12% with an enhanced customer experience” is much better. By identifying the SPECIFIC outcome you desire, you can more easily decide if you need to deliver all 6 Phone Skills Trainer learning modules, or if  perhaps a single module will accomplish your goal.

How quickly do you need to see tangible results from this training?

While we certainly prefer a long-term approach to skill development and reinforcement, it is also important to be realistic about your organization’s need to see positive results quickly in order to justify continued investment of time, money and other resources. If you absolutely need to see results soon (like TOMORROW) then an e-learning implementation is probably right for you. If you are looking for results over the next few weeks or months, then you can implement the live training workshops (perhaps reinforced with e-learning or audio CDs). Most importantly, identify the specific results you want to see and the expected timeline for performance improvement.

How much “down time” is acceptable to implement this training?

Time is a precious commodity for most telephone CSRs and if you can only spare 15 or 20 minutes a day, then e-learning (completed at their workstations) may be your best option. But if you have regular team meetings each week, you could incorporate the workshop into that meeting. Each week you could schedule 20-30 minutes for completion of specific lessons contained in the Facilitator Guide, then reinforce those lessons with audio CDs or e-learning.

Who among your supervisors or team leaders could facilitate?

If you have internal managers or supervisors who are effective training facilitators, it is best to work with them to deliver the live workshops. Most employees respond more proactively to training when it is delivered by their immediate supervisor. And the Facilitator Guide makes it relatively easy and straightforward to deliver the training, with handout masters, PowerPoint presentations and other tools. However, it is important that the facilitator is truly motivated and excited about the potential of the program. If the facilitator lacks enthusiasm or confidence in the program, the participants will never fully engage. If you do not have anyone on staff who can effectively facilitate this program, you may want to consider an e-learning implementation or using one of our certified Phone Skills Trainer facilitators.

Will your CSRs be excited, annoyed or apathetic about this training?

If you think that your service representatives may be resistant to the training, it might be best to bring in a certified Phone Skills Trainer facilitator who has the expertise to help them see all of the benefits of this program. Also, our facilitators are trained to deliver fun, engaging high-impact workshops that motivate and inspire even the most jaded, cynical CSRs.

What delivery method would have the most positive impact?

The answer is… it depends. Based upon your answers to the questions above, we can work with you to implement a program that fits your timeline, budget and organizational culture while achieving the specific objectives that are most important to you.

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